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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

kasmir & miss roy

I am not an accomplished writer. Neither have I the authority to condemn one. But what I am is an Indian who knows how dear the nation is to me. The people who talk about ‘azadi’ can they please define what kind of freedom they dream. Is it just from the oppression of the militia and state or is it in fact from their poverty. What our renowned authors forget is that while it is gruesome to pull out nails and blind young stone pelters , how good an idea will it be to leave the state of affairs in the hands of people who are powerful and have ‘freedom fighters’ at their beck and call to kill and not regret. If one completely agrees that all that the Indian state’s purpose is to retain power and have Kashmir in its rule no matter the price and silence every sovereign voice then what is it doing giving reservations and investing as much in Kashmir as it does for the rest of India. If the people were to once give a chance would not the heaven on Earth get a place in our prized land like every other. Why would we behave in foster way with a nation that is as much concerned with other Islamic majority state like Uttar Pradesh. I beg to the most acknowledged literature laureates not show there prowess to stir up a discussion which involves enemy state’s involvement and purpose. If you could show us the light and tell us with all logic what shall be the next step once the Indian militia pulls out even considering to overlook constitutional proposition of an integrated state as united we stand and well divided, individuals reign.


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